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Surrogate / Health Care Power of Attorney

A health care surrogate is a person who you have a close relationship with and can trust to make medical decisions on your behalf in the event you are unable to make decisions. A legal document which appoints a health care surrogate is sometimes known as a "health care power of attorney."

Unlike the provisions of a standard living will, a surrogate is able to make decisions on your behalf even if you are not terminally ill or in an irreversible coma, so long as you are not able to make these decisions on your own. In addition, it provides a back-up in case a hospital does not fully honor your intentions in the living will. In some cases, the provisions of a living will are combined with the health care power of attorney. The EstateGuidance Living Will allows you to combine a living will with the appointment of a surrogate. In addition, it will nominate an alternate surrogate should your first choice be unable to serve

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