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What happens if you die without a will?
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Can I change or revoke my will after I make it?
What happens to my debts after I die?
Where can I get my will notarized?

What You Need To Know


A will is a document you create to control who gets your property, who will be the guardian of your children, and who will manage your estate upon your death.

The importance of a will cannot be overstated. More than likely a will is perhaps the most important legal document the average person will ever sign. Yet, over 70% of American adults do not have a will. Not enough time, can't afford an attorney, too busy to think about it - - are all common reasons why people do not prepare wills. EstateGuidance eliminates these reasons.

Through our online process, you will be asked a series of simple questions in plain English. We will generate a legally binding will ready for you to sign that is valid in all states. You can create a will on your own time, without an attorney, and with the guidance you would expect from the premier online legal service center.

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